Our Mission

Quetzal Education Consulting provides culturally sustaining, community centered solutions for educational institutions, nonprofits, and parents who seek to meet the educational needs of students, teachers, and families of Color.​

Efficacy and Expertise     Healing and Liberation    Cultural Perpetuity (For Us, By Us) 

Our Values

 Our content should: 

  • Be immediately helpful

  • Feel sustainable for teachers

  • Create equity for students

Our Approach


Our Story

For centuries, Indigenous communities have seen the quetzal, a majestically vibrant bird and one of the most beautiful in the world, as a symbol of freedom and creative energy, dying when held in captivity. Like the quetzal, our Black and Brown students need spaces of freedom where their creativity and potential can thrive; like quetzales, they are sacred and precious.

Systemic and institutional oppression  prevent the complete self-actualization of Black and Brown communities. In response, three experienced educators founded Quetzal Education Consulting to break down those barriers. 

As teacher-leaders, administrators, and community organizers, we have an impactful history of creating effective spaces for students and teachers of Color. As a Black, Indigenous, and woman-owned firm, we work with anyone wanting to better meet the needs of students, teachers, and families of Color.