Anti-Racist Consultation

Anti-racist consultation and training for equitable and safe learning spaces. Specializing in disrupting Latinx anti-Black racism through affinity specific training.

Anti-Racist Course for Educators

A 9 month course focused on self-reflection work for educators on their anti-racist journey; includes 5 differentiated modules. Intended as ongoing PD. 

Ethnic Studies Consultations

Curriculum design tools to help schools integrate an ethnic studies lens across disciplines; goes beyond ethnic studies as purely content; it is an entire approach and praxis! 


Abolitionist Professional Development

Take first steps or continue your abolitionist education through PD's including:

  • The Abolitionist Administrator

  • Abolition in Elementary

  • Abolition in Mathematics

  • Abolitionist Literacy

  • Ethnic Studies as Praxis

Customized Solutions

Immediately helpful, anti-racist customized solutions. May include: 

  • Revision of school metrics/ assessment tools 

  • Customized PD and consultations 

  • Teacher Coaching

  • Affinity Spaces

  • Identity-specific needs (e.g. Black men/boys; BIPOC womxn and girls; LGBTQ; Latinx populations, bilingual learners, etc)..