COVID-19 Myths About Education

Humanize your communication with teachers and families. 

Teachers can simply "modify" their content to virtual learning.

Virtual learning requires a unique approach to teaching that presents challenges. 

We can help you make learning dynamic and engaging for students, as well as sustainable for teachers.

Virtual learning is the only  replacement for face to face learning. 

Virtual learning exposes issues of inequity that have always challenged students. 

We offer alternatives and supplements to virtual learning that help close the equity gap.

Things will soon get back to normal.

Now is a great time to reimagine schooling, since things will probably not go back to normal, and the normal wasn't working in the first place.

Consult with us to reorganize your program. 

All students can participate in distance learning.

Education spaces were struggling to differentiate and for the needs of many students pre-COVID-19. Students now more than even need accommodations. 

Let us support your team to make accommodations during this crisis. 

Access to wifi is the greatest obstacle to distance learning. 

Housing and food insecurity, lack of resources, quiet spaces, and the stability to self-lead a virtual  program  impact our students' ability to adapt during a crisis. 

We help you create equitable adjustments to ensure all students have a fair chance.

Children are immune to

Students and teachers face high risk of flu and other contagious infections. Let's ensure we have strong systems of safety and protection for our students and teachers in place.